Echo is a 3 year old male Husky / Border Collie mix.   He has beautiful brown eyes, weighs 62 pounds and has special ears that flop a little, but mostly stand up straight.  Echo plays well with most female dogs his own size and some older males dogs. As with many huskies, he is not good with small dogs, cats or other small animals.   Echo does well with boisterous dogs and ideally will have a playmate in his new home or owners home most of the time.    He loves people and enjoys having a ball thrown for him and he will bring it back a few times.   He knows some basic commands, he is eager to please and does well in a crate for short periods of time.  Echo has an adorable prancing walk.   He is a high energy dog and will need daily walks, an attentive owner, and a secure yard with a minimum 5 foot tall fence.   The fencing must be secure at the base and gates must also be a minimum of 5 feet high.   He is house trained in his foster home and uses a dog door as needed.  He will need reinforcement to learn the routine of a new home.  Echo’s estimated date of birth is January 2017.

Echo’s adoption fee is $225.

For more information on Echo, please thoroughly complete the online adoption application and call Shirley at 575-491-9577.

If I am unable to answer,  leave a voice message or text .