Hunter is a boisterous, talkative young male who will stop in his tracks for attention. He has a high energy level and needs a family that will provide him with long daily walks and lots of love. He has a very nice personality and is doing well on leash. He is good in a crate overnight, is mostly house-trained, and gets along well with most dogs his own size. Hunter would do best with another dog to help entertain him and keep him busy throughout the day. He has NOT been tested with cats or other small animals. He weighs about 50 pounds and has a short coat of red and white hair.

Hunter needs secure fencing that is at least 5 feet high. His previous home had a yard with inadequate 4 foot fencing, so every morning he would escape and follow the children to the bus stop and play with them. He also enjoyed chasing cars during these outings and one morning he was hit. He had a severely injured hind leg but did not receive any medical care. A local animal shelter then rescued him from this terrible situation and got him the medical care he desperately needed. His leg is now almost completely healed. He lost a toe as a result of his injuries, but he didn’t lose his happy, jubilant personality!

Hunter’s adoption fee is $225. For more information on Hunter, please complete the online adoption application and call Shirley at 575-491-9577.

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