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Kasper: On Hold

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Kasper is a 2-1/2 year old Siberian Husky mix who weighs about 53 pounds. He has a tall, lanky build and a big, boisterous personality that overflows at times. He gets very excited and virtually bounces off the walls when his foster dad comes home, and while he generally gets along well with other dogs, he is sometimes too rambunctious for his playmates. When he’s happy, he not only wags his tail, he wags his whole body!

Kasper is a very affectionate dog and he loves being with his foster dad. He’s house-trained but still has a habit of marking indoors regularly. A home with no other male dogs may eliminate this habit, but a behavioral change is far from certain. Kasper will need a very experienced, patient, and tolerant owner who is willing to take on this sometimes-challenging dog and ultimately be rewarded with a wonderful and unforgettable companion. A home with a large and very playful female dog and secure 5 foot fencing are also requirements for Kasper.

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