Kodiak and Juneau

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Kodiak and Juneau

Juneau is a 2-3 year old lighter white and brown male husky that weighs about 70 pounds.   He is shyer then Kodiak.  Kodiak is a 5 year old black and white male about the same size.

They are bonded males that came from a high kill shelter in early June.  They were found as strays and after spending a couple of weeks in the shelter, both boys were still extremely thin and leary of people.   They stay very close to each other when playing in the yard and yet they are both very open to trusting people.

During the photo shoot, they were very connected to their foster/caregivers.  They need very gentle, kind and husky experienced owners.

Adoption fee (Bonded boys) is $325

For more information on our bonded boys, complete the online adoption application and call Shirley at 575-491-9577