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Luna+Juno: On Hold

Luna and Juno are currently unavailable.

Luna and Juno are a sister and brother pair who are best friends. They are small husky mixes; Luna, with the lighter-colored face, weighs just 35 pounds and Juno, with the darker mask, weighs 40 pounds. We believe they were born around March 2017 and they have been in foster care since September of that year. They had little contact with humans during the first 6 months of their lives and, as a result, were very shy and skittish around people when first rescued. Their foster dad has helped them become a bit more sociable but both dogs are still quite nervous about being handled.

We are looking for a truly exceptional owner to adopt this pair, someone who is very experienced and dog-savvy and who understands that Luna and Juno will never be “normal” dogs but is still willing to commit to a lifetime of helping them reach their maximum potential. A relatively quiet home with secure 5 foot fencing is a requirement for these two sweethearts, who must remain together.

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