Wendy is still looking for a Wonderful home. She is a delightful, small dog, about 1-2 years old,  weighing about 14 pounds. She is tall and agile. She is possibly a mix of miniature pinscher/small terrier. She sleeps soundly snuggled up next to you and almost unnoticed. She is good in a crate for short periods of time. She is energetic and responsive. She is learning to come, but is young and focuses on the adventure directly in front of her. She is learning to walk on leash and is doing well with all dogs about her size. She has played nicely with larger, nice dogs up to 100 pounds. She is fast, but many larger dogs might consider her a squeak toy. So caution is needed, especially at first. She is currently spending time with 4 other dogs including 2 small, female, seniors about 7 pounds, a 20 pound male senior and a vibrant, 15 pound, somewhat bossy, 6 year old male. Wendy has long legs, loves snuggles on the shoulder and plays with balls and toys. She is in Alamogordo with husky rescue because she was found running loose behind my home. Our rescue group travels to Albuquerque and Santa Fe Area when needed to meet families. A trip is currently planned for this coming weekend – February 15th or 16th. Our goal is to provide Wendy and all our dogs, Huskies and Mixes, the very best homes.
The application provides all the information needed to meet Wendy and move forward with adoption. 

Adoption fee is $125.00

For more information, complete the online application and call Shirley 575-491-9577


Wendy-not a husky