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Writings from The Rainbow Bridge

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In Loving Memory Of ...
Jackson was a great female Siberian that joined his companion/owner, JP on a long and great journey through life. Jackson joined JP from an owner/breeder in North Carolina and was his faithful companion throughout life's twists and turns including moving from New York to California. Although Jackson passed over the rainbow bridge in December 2006 after battling cancer, she will never be forgotten by many that her life touched, including her family, friends at the dog park, and even at Dog Beach...thanks Jackson for being such a large part of JP's life!
Rebel (Northhome's Rebel) was my one-in-a-million lead dog that words can never describe. Rebel always waited for me to come home and give him a hug and would often wait at the kennel gate for me to show up. He was not the strongest, nor probably the fastest leader, but he was the clear leader of my sled dog team and inspiration to me. Rebel joined many of my other dogs across the rainbow bridge in September 2006 after battling cancer in the summer. One week to the hour after he passed, we had the most incredible and beautiful full rainbow east of my house that I have ever seen....I knew he was there!

Rebel - you may be gone but you will certainly never be forgotten.
Kody (Kavak's Luck of the Draw: aka Kod Man, Kod Monster, my little buddy and Sweetie).

Kody was not only a awesome wheel dog, but many times, he joined his half brother Keema in lead. Kody was shown for about two years and also did some agility. He was the best Roo'ing Husky that I have owned......my shadow and faithful foot warmer at night.You will be dearly missed Kody by both Keema and me, but you will always be in our hearts. Wear your new Silver Harness proudly....be your happy go lucky self.

Hugs Donna & Keema (And Kody in our hearts)
A Tribute to Denali Joe
We recently lost one of my most memorable and special dogs I have ever had the privilege of saving and even just knowing.  Denali Joe, or Joe, was a special dog that you may have been lucky enough to have met.  Few dogs will ever match up with Joe…from his need to explore all places on this earth (Escape Artist Extraordinaire) to his true gentleness for being such a large goofball, Joe was a truly unique fellow. I know that the special family that had adopted him, Natalie, David, and Charlie Girl, gave him the very best life any dog would ever want ,and for that I will always be grateful. Please enjoy this tribute to Joe and I hope to see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge my friend.

Watch Joe's Memorial Montage Video.
Ezekiel "Zeke" (Artie) - Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge November 23rd 2009.

I have attempted to write this numerous times, only to get too upset to continue, but time does have a way in helping us to cope and to heal and after speaking with his original foster off and on again for the months following losing Zeke,  I realize I have to write it. If not for the healing aspect of it, then for the fact that he deserves a memorial and there is no better place to put one than here.

"Special" was the word most commonly used to describe Zeke (then Artie) when I was first looking into adopting him. I still cannot help but smile when I think about that one word because, in so many different ways, Zeke was special. What else would you call a non-howling, non-talking, tail less husky? He had a rough start in life, as many rescues do, but with the help and kindness of Tracey and others of the Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico, he was given a chance to live better. He had issues, some that could be worked with, others that could not, but it made him no less worth the time and effort everyone put into him. Despite the dysfunction he displayed likely due to unknown mental problems, he was an amazing animal and a loving member of my family.

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Our sweet little pug Harry, Sally's lifetime sidekick and companion, has crossed over.  His family kept him comfortable for as long as possible, but the cancerous growth he developed was very aggressive and inoperable.  He enjoyed a whole bag of his favorite liver treats in his last days!  Although Harry had only a short time with his adoptive family, he was much loved and he enjoyed a great life. Harry jogged daily with Veronica and Sally, of course he rode in a baby cart!  Sally is especially sad, but doing OK with extra attention from her family.

We wish you many happy jogs and snorts in doggie heaven with your newly found  husky buddies, Harry!

October 24, 2011
Sadly, we had to help Elle cross over the Rainbow Bridge. She became very ill very quickly and was experiencing much pain.  Her age and overall health status precluded any surgical intervention and the non-invasive veterinary remedy we attempted did not help. Elle was in the arms of her foster mom when she peacefully escaped her pain-ridden body.

Necropsy showed gallbladder disease treated only by "risky" surgery given her age. A marble-sized gallstone was also removed.

Elle is much missed, but there is comfort in knowing that she now Runs In Peace!

October 1, 2012
Memory of Koda

November 26, 2012.
Memory of Zephyr
June 8, 2013

Dear Tracey, I am so sad to tell you that my precious Zephyr died today.  We were in the yard and i went in the house to get something.  i heard him cry out like he was in pain.  it was about 15 sec. I ran back out and he was dead I think he must have had a stroke or a heart attack.  It happened that fast.  all my friends and family came over immediately.  They helped me to bury him in the backyard.  The past two months have been so special. he and i became very close and he let me love on him all the time.  just this morning even we sat and hugged together.  i am also worried about Hannah because they were to gether all the time.  our days will be very empty without him.  I wanted to let you know  our time together was short but he was loved  and cared for like no other.  Sincerely, Susanne

June 11, 2013

Jove died May 31, 2013 -- outliving the vet's prediction by 6 plus years (he had lupus). He leaves behind his older sister Juno and four other companions...mostly running buddies...and me. Until the end, Jove was an escape artist, loyal companion, extremely protective and very loving. I know I was lucky to have him for as long as I did but it just doesn't seem like it was long enough. Jove is and will be very missed. Thank you for bringing him to me!

- Julie -