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To adopt from us:

Please complete our Adoption Application in detail.  If a question does not apply to you, enter Not Applicable or None in the space.  An incomplete application may not be reviewed.  After your application has been reviewed, a volunteer from Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico will contact you to further discuss your application.

  • We will then try and match you with a dog.  — Indoors/Outdoors, small pets or children, activity level, etc.
  • You come out to meet the dog or we arrange a meeting in a “neutral territory” along with your family and any other pets.
  • When we find the right dog, you will then fill out the Adoption Contract and pay the adoption donation.

Adoption Fees start at $200 and will vary upwards for young dogs and dogs requiring veterinary care beyond our standard provision of alteration, vaccinations, heart worm testing and micro- chipping.

The 5 steps to complete an adoption:

  1. Complete the adoption application
  2. Home check is completed
  3. Vet references
  4. Complete and sign the agreement for Adoption Contract
  5. Pay adoption Fee

The initial interview is to find out if you like the dog and the dog likes you. Neutral territory is important if you are dealing with two dominant personalities. If you have a strong-willed dog and you are adopting a creme puff, there aren’t usually problems. Generally the rescue dog is on his best behavior for a while. It takes a few days or weeks for the dog to feel comfortable enough to start testing the hierarchy. And the dogs always have their own ideas on this that don’t necessarily correspond with your own.

Besides the adoption donation, the day your dog is picked up, you will need a leash, collar, ID tags, a crate or doghouse, water & feed bowls, dog food, dog biscuits, dog shampoo, brushes, nail clippers, a chew toy, and First Aid Supplies.

In addition, we require that the Siberian be put on heartworm preventative at the advice of your Vet. Some vets will do year round prevention, others only 9 months out of the year. Call your vet ahead of time to find out what they require and cost estimate.

You will also have to consider what happens when your beloved companion starts to get older, and starts to slow down and loose function. The sad truth is that we usually outlive our pets. Before the end, the last few years of your dog’s life are often extremely expensive. We want adopters to think about this as well as how cute & affectionate the dog is today.

Please consider that this dog will live to be 12 to 14 years old. Are you willing to keep them thru MOVING–MARRIAGE–NEW BOYFRIENDS & GIRLFRIENDS–BABIES–DIVORCE.??? These are already “throw away” dogs and we are looking for permanent homes for them.

ONLY STUFFED DOGS ARE DISPOSABLE!!!!! They are members of your family and have to be considered when life styles change. You can not just dump them because they are no longer convenient!! Please consider this when adopting!!!

If you incorporate this dog into your life, if you bring her in when you get home from work, and walk her in the evening after supper, and talk to her about your day, and take her to the park on Saturday, and train her and love her, this dog will return all your effort a hundred times over. She will never demand to know where you have been, she will always give you a sympathetic ear, and she will comfort and amuse and exasperate you like nothing else in your life.