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Atlas (Junior)

Atlas (Junior) is a 2-3 year old male Husky mix that has brown eyes, and weighs about 45-50 lbs. Atlas, or as I like to call him, Junior, is one of the most friendly dogs you will ever meet! He was abandoned in the eastern part of the state and came to us after we saw pictures of him, literally as skin and bone. He was very undernourished and it took some time to “fatten” him up, which we have now done!

Junior loves to follow you around, almost as if he fears being left behind for good. He is always by my side and loves human attention. He has a funny personality, and if you are interested in a unique husky guy, Junior may be your perfect match. He gets along with other dogs and is happiest when he can be with his humans.

If you are interested in Atlas, please call Steve at 505-264-2514 and complete our application for him. Atlas’s adoption fee is $225.

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